Meet our Team

Holly Yasui, MYLP co-founder

Holly is the youngest daughter of Minoru and True Yasui. She is co-director of the documentary film Never Give Up! Minoru Yasui and the Fight for Justice and author of the theatrical play Citizen Min and reader's theatre piece Dec 7- Sept 11.

Peggy Nagae, MYLP Co-founder

Peggy was lead attorney for Minoru Yasui in reopening his WW II case, and as a Presidential appointee to the Civil Liberties Public Education Fund. She led the successful campaign to win a Presidential Medal of Freedom for Minoru Yasui in 2015.

Lynn Fuchigami, Executive
ED Oregon Nikkei Endowment,
MYLP steering committee

O.N.E. is a a nonprofit organization whose projects include the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center (history museum), and the Japanese American Historical Plaza in Portland.

June Arima Schumann,


MYLP Steering committee

June was the administrator of the 2015 Minoru Yasui Presidential Medal of Freedom campaign. She was the founding director of O.N.E. and is also active in the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO).

Kimberly McCullough

MYLP steering committee,
ACLU-Oregon Policy Director

Kimberly was instrumental in getting the Oregon State Legislature to designate March 28th as Minoru Yasui Day in perpetuity. She is the MYLP liaison with the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon

Barbara Yasui

MYLP treasurer

Barbara is the niece of Minoru Yasui, an organizer and trainer on issues such as racism and diversity with Everyday Democracy and the REACH Center for Multicultural Education. She also volunteers for Densho, the Japanese American Legacy Project. 

Maija Annala Yasui,

Hood River MYLP Coordinator

Maija Annala married Min Yasui's nephew, Philip (Flip) Yasui in 1970. She and her children continue to farm the family orchards and carry on the Yasui name and legacy in Hood River, Oregon.