Meet Our Team

Peggy Nagae


Peggy was lead attorney for Minoru Yasui in reopening his WWII case, and also led the successful campaign to win a Presidential Medal of Freedom for Minoru Yasui in 2015.

June Arima Schumann

MYLP Steering Committee Chair

June’s professional history includes classroom teacher, social service administrator in gerontology.  She is a longtime community activist with roots in the 1970’s civil rights movement.  She helped establish the Asian American Council of Greater Philadelphia, Portland Taiko, Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center (founding director), and other multi-ethnic programs.

Lynn Fuchigami

JAMO and MYLP Steering Committee

Lynn is the Executive Director of the Japanese American Museum of Oregon (JAMO), a nonprofit organization whose projects include the history museum and the Japanese American Historical Plaza in Portland.

Kimberly McCullough  

MYLP Steering Committee

Kimberly was instrumental in getting the Oregon State Legislature to designate March 28th as Minoru Yasui Day in perpetuity.

Maija Yasui

MYLP Steering Committee

Maija Yasui married Min Yasui's nephew, Philip (Flip) Yasui in 1970. She and her children continue to farm the family orchards and carry on the Yasui name and legacy in Hood River, Oregon. 

Gerhard Letzing

MYLP Steering Committee

Gerhard has been a community organizer for his entire career. He served as the Executive Director for the Washington State Association for Justice from 1986 to 2016. In 2017 he was the lead organizer of a successful immigration hotline in Washington State.

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