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Student Writing

Student Contest

2023 Theme: Responsibility


“If we believe in America, if we believe in equity and democracy, if we believe in law and justice, then each of us, when we see or believe that errors are being made, has an obligation to make every effort to

correct them.”

Minoru Yasui (1916 - 1986)

Each of us is a member of a community in which we may have responsibilities. What is a responsibility you have in your community?

The Minoru Yasui Student Contest for middle and high school students has a new format for 2023, moving from an essay to an art contest. Students can express their thoughts about the prompt in a visual art piece and artist's statement. Technical arts background not required.

Learn more about the contest in the sections below.

Look out for information on the 2024 contest coming this Fall.

Theme Book

Contest sponsored by the Minoru Yasui Legacy Project and the Japanese American Museum of Oregon

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