2021 Contest Prompt

  • Identify an immigrant or refugee individual, group/community, or event from the past or present in your community, state, or the nation in general.​

  • An individual from the past or present (eg., a family member, Minoru Yasui's father, Albert Einstein)

  • An historic or contemporary group or community (eg., Nikkei in Hood River, Latinx in Woodburn, Cuban refugees in Miami)

  • Associated with a specific event (eg., construction of the Transcontinental Railroad, Vietnam War, Executive Order 13769)

  • What challenges did your subject face? How did they respond to these challenges and what support did they receive from those outside their immediate communities?

  • What are some of the cultural, economic, political, and social impacts that this subject has made to your world?

  • Minoru Yasui built bridges within and across communities to create change. In the spirit of Yasui’s life’s work, how would you build bridges to help newcomers to this country face the challenges presented to them?