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2023 Contest Prompt

Each of us is a member of a community in which we may have responsibilities. What is a responsibility you have in your community?

Your community may be as small as a neighborhood or as large as the world. The community may be cultural or educational. A responsibility is a trust or a duty, as well as an opportunity. A person’s responsibility can involve learning something new and interacting with others. It can lead to a change in our behavior. Our actions influence not only our present lives, but our future and the future of others.


  • Through a visual art piece, express your thoughts about the prompt. Consider the following:

    • What community (or communities) are you a member of?

    • What are the responsibilities that you have in that community?

    • How does fulfilling your responsibilities impact your community?


  • In an audio recording or written artist's statement (300 words maximum) describe your piece and how it addresses the following:

    • The community you're a member of

    • Your responsibilities

    • How this ties to Minoru Yasui's legacy of justice

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