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Meet Our Team

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Holly Yasui

Holly was the youngest daughter of Minoru and True Yasui. She co-directed the documentary film Never Give Up! Minoru Yasui and the Fight for Justice (2017), and authored the theatrical play Citizen Min and reader's theatre piece Dec. 7 - Sept. 11.


Peggy Nagae

Peggy was lead attorney for Minoru Yasui in reopening his WWII case, and also led the successful campaign to win a Presidential Medal of Freedom for Minoru Yasui in 2015.

Homer, Holly, Yuka.jpg

Homer Yasui
Honorary Co-Chair

Homer was the youngest brother of Minoru Yasui. In addition to working as a surgeon, he was active in the Japanese American Citizens League, the Japanese American Redress movement, and chaired the national committee in support of Min's corum nobis petition.

Homer, Holly, Yuka.jpg

Yuka Yasui Fujikura
Honorary Co-Chair

Yuka was the youngest sibling of Minoru Yasui. She was a Fulbright Scholar with masters degrees in public health nursing and public health, and was a recipient of the Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sanger award for her work with underprivileged young girls.


Lynn Fuchigami
MYLP Steering Committee

Lynn is the Executive Director of the Japanese American Museum of Oregon (JAMO), a nonprofit organization whose projects include the history museum and the Japanese American Historical Plaza in Portland.

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