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2023 Student Art
Contest Winners

Contest Prompt

Each of us is a member of a community in which we may have responsibilities. What is a responsibility you have in your community?

Your community may be as small as a neighborhood or as large as the world. The community may be cultural or educational. A responsibility is a trust or a duty, as well as an opportunity. A person’s responsibility can involve learning something new and interacting with others. It can lead to a change in our behavior. Our actions influence not only our present lives, but our future and the future of others.


Senior Division, First Place

Gabriella Ejercito

11th Grade

Aragon High School


Junior Division, First Place

Violet West

5th Grade
Alameda Elementary School


Senior Division, Second Place

Evie Chan

9th Grade

Oregon Episcopal School


Junior Division, Second Place

Aika Peraza

7th Grade

Twality Middle School

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