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Emmeline Henriques

Student Art Contest: Junior Division, First Place

Art by Emmeline Henriques, second place, junior division winner

Minoru Yasui once said, “We are born in this world for a purpose, and that

purpose is to make it a better place.” This got me thinking about how different

democracies can change how we treat the world, and how we can use democracies to make the world a better place. My ideal democracy is about everyone being treated the same even with their different needs, because inside we are all the same. We should all have the right to believe in the things we want to, have the same rights, and treatment.

Every democracy has its challenges, and some problems we are facing are that some people don’t have the access to all of the medical or mental help they might need. Some things we can do to better our own democracy, includes us all working together to participate in our government, share human rights, and forget what we might have heard growing up, such as thinking that there is a so-called “normal.”

This idea connects to Minoru Yasui’s legacy of justice, because my artwork, quote, and ideal democracy have the same mission that we are trying to accomplish: fighting for freedom for other peoples’ rights to vote, their civil rights, and justice for everyone. I chose to use the quote “Genuine equality means not treating everyone the same, but attending equally to everyones’s different needs.” By Terry Eagleton, because this represented my ideal democracy.

Minoru Yasui was such a strong and brave person that stood up for things that no one else was brave enough to do, even though it needed to be done. He had such a great impact on our democracy, and I am so grateful for everything that he has done for everyone struggling to find equality and equity.

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