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Morgan Salvo

Student Art Contest: Junior Division, First Place


An ideal democracy means everyone knows they have freedom of association, expression, and opinion, and everyone has access to free and fair anonymous elections. In an ideal democracy, power is distributed equitably among all groups, and no one person is treated as less important than another.

A challenge to achieving this are the views and opinions of different groups because each group has different expectations and without a united vision, we cannot progress. However, an action we can take to overcome these challenges is building a community of collaborative activists that works together to promote equity. To keep this community strong, we need to educate the young people in our world about the power they hold. Helping them to be aware of their power and teaching them about the things they can do means they can share their view with people in power. Preparing them for when they are old enough to vote and run for offices could include exposing them to collaborative activists and allowing them to explore how those people responded to injustice.

My poster represents Minoru Yasui and other civil rights activists fighting for change. This connects to Minoru Yasui’s legacy of justice because it shows how people notice something needs to change, and they don’t give up until changes are made. Minoru Yasui, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Junior, Helen Keller, and Nelson Mandela all fought for civil rights. Their contribution provides authentic examples of world-changing individuals. They all serve as inspiration for anyone and everyone. As Minoru Yasui said, “If we believe in America, if we believe in equality and democracy, if we believe in law and justice, then each of us, when we see or believe errors are being made, has an obligation to make every effort to correct them.”

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